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Universal Enrollment

The CEOP, Inc. encourages middle and high school girls to join the STEM program and robotics team regardless of previous experience or exposure to coding and robotics. We welcome girls who have a wide range of interests and teach them to leverage their strengths to contribute to the overall success of the program.

Many girls have explored activities that involved computer programming, computer-aided design, 3D printing, and mechanics and decided to develop those areas. However, others have found that marketing, advertising, and fundraising were their strengths and made those skill sets their emphasis. Hosting workshops in the Campus Center and Wellness and Events Center at NJIT have been some of the most memorable experiences for our girls. During those events, those who had excellent networking and presentation skills provided a valuable learning experience for students and teachers all over the state while honing their abilities as communicators.

Support from advocates of STEM education for girls provide the incentive for our community partners at NJIT to continue giving supplies, space, tutors, and instructors that make our educational experience so unique. Please become a member of our website and subscribe to our blog to stay updated about future events to be held on campus and virtually.

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