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NJIT Opportunities

The CEOP, Inc collaborates with the NJIT Gear-Up/College Bound program of the Center for Pre-College Programs. Other partners on campus are CLEAR, the collaborative for leadership, education, and assessment research, electrical and computer engineering labs, the writing center, and the NJIT Makerspace.

Each of our partner organizations on campus provides our girls a unique opportunity to learn directly from professors and college students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. During the COVID-19 school closures, girls who attend Gear-Up target schools received robotics kits that allowed them to continue their education while they were locked in. The game elements for last year’s competition as well as other components of the field were 3D printed by the NJIT Makerspace, while CLEAR provided the space needed to store and distribute the field goals so that students could practice at home.

Support from advocates of STEM education for girls provide the incentive for our community partners at NJIT to continue giving supplies, space, tutors, and instructors that make our educational experience so unique. Please become a member of our website and subscribe to our blog to stay updated about future events to be held on campus and virtually.

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