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FTC Team 14819, the Cyber-Sirens (formerly Robo-Gurlz) has been in existence since September, 2018. This unique group was inspired by a collaboration with Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey, who expressed a desire to begin an all-girls robotics team at NJIT. The joint effort by NJIT, First Tech Challenge, and Girl Scouts resulted in the recruitment of girls from many diverse areas in NJ, including East Orange, Bernardsville, Wayne, and Newark.

Our girls attend competitions and training at locations all over New Jersey due to a relationship with NJIT parking that allows our team to travel throughout the state on 12 passenger vans maintained by NJIT. New Jersey First Tech Challenge has encouraged our team to learn from other teams and mentors throughout the state, including their STEM Girls group. Our team has not limited their involvement to the Northern New Jersey Area, although the league we have been placed on includes only teams in that area. We have taken the opportunity to visit many schools in Southern New Jersey and have often attended practice days in locations such as the Dwight Englewood School.

One of the most important experiences has been the opportunity to participate in judging at League Tournaments each year. Judges often come from various STEM professions and offer our girls expert critique and advice about how to improve their technical and presentation skills. Support from advocates of STEM education for girls provide the incentive for our community partners at NJIT to continue giving supplies, space, tutors, and instructors that make our educational experience so unique.

Please become a member of our website and subscribe to our blog to stay updated about future events to be held on campus and virtually.

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