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A Buzzing Success: Oakwood Ave. Community School's Observation Beehive Activity

Today was a day filled with wonder and excitement at Oakwood Ave. Community School in Orange, NJ. The classrooms buzzed with anticipation as students eagerly awaited their turn to visit the new observation beehive, a project brought to life by the collaborative efforts of Mr. Antoine Meredith and Dr. Joya Clark. This initiative, spearheaded by a fundraising campaign last summer, culminated in an enriching experience that not only captivated the students' curiosity but also provided invaluable hands-on learning opportunities.

A Passion for Bees

Mr. Antoine Meredith, our dedicated social studies teacher, has always had a fascination with insects, particularly bees. An expert beekeeper, Mr. Meredith's knowledge and enthusiasm made him the perfect guide for today's activity. Alongside him was Dr. Joya Clark, our science teacher, who has been instrumental in bringing this vision to fruition. Her campaign to raise funds for the observation hive showcased the community's support for innovative educational projects.

The Observation Hive

After months of preparation and careful nurturing, a new bee colony was established in the observation hive. Just three days ago, a new queen emerged, marking a significant milestone in the hive's development. Today, students had the rare opportunity to observe the bees as they busily went about their daily tasks. The queen, safely separated by an excluder, remained below, while worker bees demonstrated their incredible teamwork and efficiency.

A Sweet Experience

The excitement didn't stop at observation. Students also participated in a honey tasting, delighting in the different flavors and learning about the process of honey production. The completely enclosed hive ensured a safe and engaging experience for all, culminating in a lively question and answer session where students' curiosity and enthusiasm were on full display.

Building on Past Learning

This activity built on earlier studies conducted by our 5th graders, who explored flower anatomy and created perfumes using essential oils extracted from various plants. This foundational knowledge enriched their understanding of the bees' role in pollination and the production of natural substances.

A Summer Challenge and Future Projects

Inspired by today's observations, the 5th grade class was given a summer challenge: to search social media for examples of people making natural products with substances produced by bees. This exploration will pave the way for the 2024-2025 school year's exciting engineering competition. Students will be tasked with creating perfumes, cosmetics, or skin care products using bee-related substances, merging creativity with scientific inquiry.

The Impact of Beehives on Urban Youth

Studies have shown that engaging with nature, including beekeeping and gardening, can have profound positive impacts on the educational outcomes of urban youth. Programs like these enhance students' understanding of biology, ecology, and environmental stewardship, while also promoting emotional well-being and stress reduction. According to a report by the American Educational Research Association, students involved in hands-on science activities show improved academic performance and greater interest in STEM fields.

Join Us in Making a Difference

The success of today's observation hive activity underscores the importance of hands-on, experiential learning in fostering a love for science and nature. We invite you to support our ongoing efforts to provide such enriching experiences for our students. Your donations can help fund future projects and competitions, ensuring that we continue to inspire and educate the next generation of scientists and environmentalists.

Visit our donation page at and make a contribution today. Together, we can create a buzz around education and nurture the minds of tomorrow.

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